LucasPlus jewelry is made from a place of spirituality, right in the heart of New York City. 

Our brand was born from the dream of its creative director, Lucas Goossens, to use the law of attraction and materialize your desired reality with a tangible object that serves as a portable, powerful reminder to cultivate a positive mindset. The representation of the PLUS symbol, a recurring design theme, means a lot more than what meets the eye – the four points signify self, nature, wisdom and soul. They represent the human desire to know and experience the unfolding of life. 

We, the creative souls designing, building and developing LucasPlus, hope that our jewelry (soon to be yours) will inspire you to lead by example, be more in touch with the energies of the Universe, and harness the power we all have inside to be the change we wish to see in our world. By working on bettering yourself, you are making people around you happier and better too. Self-love is beneficial to all. Vibrating in a positive frequency creates and attracts positive results. 

Maybe you wonder: How does a ring, bracelet, or necklace help? Because, we want people to connect with the world in a way that can easily relate to spirituality and be reminded of practicing positivity. What a better way than a jewelry design (whether in gold, silver, or even brass) to carry with you everywhere and look at in times of despair, stress or sadness to remember to focus on the light and not the darkness. 

Our jewelry is meant to be a tangible, meaningful reminder of getting in touch with your inner spirit – to practice positive thinking, pursue happiness, do good, and spread the energy of love. We want you to find the plus, wear the plus, and BE THE PLUS as a reminder that your thoughts shape your reality. 

So why New York City? For LucasPlus, New York represents much more than the greatest, most fashionable, sexiest city in the world. Beyond being a part of the Big Apple, our story as New Yorkers is one of hope, love, passion and realization. It is in New York where we find the light and energy to build our most ambitious dreams, and it is this metropolis that keeps feeding us with endless inspiration to pursue what we love most. 

LucasPlus is unisex, for everybody, all over the world. But we make it joyfully in the place that creates the greatest platform to spread any message, especially one of positive energy. Frank Sinatra said it best: “It’s up to you, New York, New York.”

Inspired by spirituality + technology, LucasPlus jewelry is created with CAD, 3D printing, and wax carving. It is made in Manhattan, New York City, three blocks away from the Empire State building. 

Positive thinking, now that’s fashion forward.