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lucas goossens
creative director + designer

lucas moved to New York City at the age of twenty, where he found the need to symbolize his spirituality in a tangible fashion. so he bought a ring - just a simple steel band with a diamond in it, his very first piece of jewelry.

He would tell himself that everything he wanted in the world was as small as this little diamond, he could hold it in the palm of his hand. however, lucas felt he would rather see a symbol on his finger that reminded him of his "think positive" mantra.

The Plus symbol was the obvious choice. it was everything he came to believe in: the law of attraction. the energy you put out into the universe is the energy that is reflected back to you. 

Having always been fascinated with architecture, lucas took a computer aided design class in high school. even as a kid, he would build beautiful structures with legos, not necessarily playing with the legos, just taking the time to make meaningful beauty.

His first creation was the plus ring. he wanted a plus sign to look at to put his mind in the right place. growing up, he apparently wasn't the nicest person (says his twin sister pauline). he wanted to change this about himself and take steps towards being better. the ring was so powerful that he found it really helped change his thoughts! every time he would look at it, feel it, play with it - he would be reminded of its message. 

when someone asked him if he sells the ring, he had a lightbulb moment where he told himself "wow, i'm a jewelry designer now!" he felt like he had found his purpose finally, his true calling. 

with jewelry, it's like creating architecture for the body. designing in 3d and using 3d printing in order to manifest creations - now that's mind blowing. lucas loves the technology behind 3d printing, and got into jewelry design because of it. 

when he first approached making a ring, he had no idea how to make it traditionally: carving wax, casting, hammering, polishing, etc. instead, he approached jewelry the new-age way: with a laptop and a free design program (sketchup). after a few free youtube tutorials he was designing away!

after a very existential moment of appreciating all the blessings life had given him thus far, he cried tears of joy for an entire day of bliss. days later he represented his newfound trade by getting the plus ring outlined and tattooed onto his right wrist. Since then, designing a jewelry collection with a positive message is his pride + passion. 

he hopes lucasplus will inspire others to lead by example, to be more in touch with the energies of the universe, to harness the power we all have inside to change our world and to be the change we wish to see. when you work on bettering yourself, you're making the worlds of people around you better too. Nothing wrong with self-love: it's beneficial to all. 

Lucas Goossens was born in california to french parents bruno and gisele, and grew up in southern oregon. after graduating valedictorian of his high school, he followed his mom's advice like a good boy and lived abroad in belgium for a year with the rotary exchange program. upon returning to the usa, he enrolled at western washington university and started taking business and economics classes. 

After 3 months of not feeling like he belonged there, he dropped everything and moved to miami for a modeling opportunity. 3 months later, he was sent to new york to start modeling in the big city and finally felt like he found home. not only that, but just 3 months after living there did he discover his passion for jewelry. The rest is history.