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Today, LucasPlus connects two people who found a common ground in developing what, for us (Lucas Goossens and Eduardo Sánchez-Iriarte R., the two partners that build every pixel of LucasPlus) is more than just a jewelry brand. we are, first and foremost, creative souls that share the same vision of life – one in which individuals are capable of being fully conscious and present to attract, conceive, and bring positive energy to this earth we all inhabit and share. Designing, creating, developing, and wearing the pieces of jewelry means the same we want it to mean for you: To be reminded of living through joy and positive thinking.

Lucas Goossens, founder and creative director of LucasPlus, started to design jewelry while discovering his own path, back then, as a male model who had newly arrived in New York City. His passion and desire to spread consciousness around him and his love for nature have always been the creative force that inspires his designs. Years after, Lucas met Eduardo, a kindred soul who shares his love for spirituality,  self improvement, and jewelry. 

Eduardo Sánchez-Iriarte R., creative manager and partner at LucasPlus, is a writer with an entrepreneurial, creative spirit devoted to building projects based on personal development. For him, LucasPlus represents the most fascinating way to connect his passion for spirituality and entrepreneurship in one place. 

LucasPlus Jewelry is created amidst the hustle of New York City, from a place of spirituality and deep commitment to generate more love in the world. For both of us, this brand means so much more than your favorite shopping destination for rings, necklaces, pendants and bracelets. 

we decided to share this adventure after realizing there is a lot of good we can do when working on it together. Now we want you to share it with us!



“Sometimes the most proactive thing we can do is to be happy, just to genuinely smile. Happiness, like unhappiness, is a proactive choice.”

– Stephen R. Covey

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