Lucas uses 3D computer modeling to design his collection. From there, ideas quickly materialize into prototypes and final products using modern 3D printing techniques.  

  Lucas follows 1 rule when designing:

keep it simple

Favorite Metal: Sterling Silver



A+ Ring in Sterling Silver 

A+ Ring in Sterling Silver 

  Pure silver is too soft for making functional objects, which is why it's usually combined with copper to create an alloy that gives it more strength while keeping its inherent properties. 

  Made of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper, Sterling Silver is a precious metal alloy Lucas admires and recommends for its

  • Quality finish and reflective properties
  • Reasonable cost compared to other precious metals 
  • Machinability - an easy material to work with
  • Malleability - can be bent to a desired shape 
  • Association with style, class, confidence, simplicity

  And last but not least...

  • Its amazing ability to conduct and spread Energy, Love and Light.  

  After all, that's why we're here right?