custom made cuffs
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The Custom Plus Cuff is our most popular design to personalize. Text is done in all-caps and hand-drawn in 3D. The side of the cuff and the inside are perfect for text. 

The outside Plus symbols are also changeable. Examples include: 

  • Replacing the plusses with another symbol
  • Not having engravings at all 
  • Having a word like "abundance" on top
  • A phrase like "attitude of gratitude" to look at as a reminder

Most LucasPlus designs can be customized to be unique and special.  Drop us a line at with your customization request and we'll send you a quote! Things to keep in mind with personalized pieces:

  • Production takes 2-4 weeks
  • The customization adds to the price of the piece depending on the request
  • Ideas include engraved or embossed letters, numbers, symbols, words/phrases, dates, gold plating, setting stones/diamonds, etc.